Frequently Asked Questions

If you have completed an offer but haven't been rewarded, please wait up to 24 hours, some offers (especially big offers) may take time to complete.
If after 24 hours you still have not been rewarded, please use the "Support" button located on the offer list where you completed the offer, and follow the prompts.
Here are common reasons that you may not have been rewarded:
1. You (or someone in your household) has already downloaded/ the application before / complete the offer before.
2. You have entered fake information.
3. You did not fully complete the offer requirements.
4. You had an adblocker enabled while completing an offer.
We (RBXFree) do not decide if an offer is completed successfully, that is up to our offer partners.

Yes, for each offer that you complete you will be rewarded Robux automatically by the website, which you can then withdraw to your Roblox account. We do not require your password or any other sensitive information

When someone joins our website using your unique referral link, their account will be linked to yours for life, and you will receive 5% Robux for every offer that they complete.

RBXFree is the highest Robux reward website available. We offer up to 30% more Robux per offer vs similar sites.

High paying offers earn you the most Robux. They take a bit more time to complete, but they're well worth the effort.

There is no limit to how many offers you can complete. So long as the offers are on the lists, you can complete them.

These referral links are currently only issued manually to social media influencers, if you feel that you are able to bring in significant traffic to the website through social media, please send us an email (email located at the bottom of the page).


Offers completed while using any kind of VPN or Proxy will automatically be rejected.